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Top 20 cuddly dogs

A list of the ultimate cuddliest dog breeds

Let’s be honest, puppy cuddles are the best thing ever. So we’ve put together a list of the top 10 cuddly dogs that are perfect for snuggles.

The cuddly dogs on this list have made the cut for a number of reasons. They might be top canine cuddlers who love affection, or they’re super fluffy and teddy bear dogs. 

Either way, the list is filled with adorable dog breeds that we’d love a cuddle with!

Our list of top 20 most cuddly dog breeds

Golden Retriever puppy1. Golden Retriever

This loving and loyal dog breed just HAD to make the list. This dog breed is well known for having a puppy mentality well into their doghood. So if you’re after a giant fluffy puppy, then look no further!

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Chihuahua puppy2. Chihuahua

This small but mighty pup is another definite for a cuddly dog list. You have 2 main varieties of Chihuahua, smooth coated and long coated. Long coated Chihuahuas are, you might have guessed it, the fluffier of the two teddy dog breeds. 

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you’re searching for a small dog breed that’s friendly, affectionate and active then you’ve found the perfect one. This lovely little breed is often described as the ‘perfect canine companion’. 

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Bernese Mountain Dog4. Bernese Mountain Dog

And now a cuddly dog breed for large dog breed lovers. This affectionate pooch is a big dog that’s eager to please and loves to be loved. Although, be warned they’re generally only recommended for confident dog owners. 

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

You might be surprised to see this dog breed make the list. But with a patient and loving owner, you’ll be surprised at how quickly this dog breed becomes very cuddly.

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Irish Wolfhound6. Irish Wolfhound

This big dog breed is well-known for being a great family dog for active households. They’re often described as gentle giants who are loving and affectionate with the whole family, including children.

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Springer Spaniel7. Springer Spaniel

This beautiful dog breed is well-known for its endless amounts of energy, but you might be surprised to find they enjoy cuddles too. As long as they’ve had a chance to expend some of that energy they’ll happily cuddle up at the end of the day with their family.

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Cockerpoo8. Cockerpoo

Ok so this one is sort of cheating as it isn’t a traditional dog breed, but a mixed one instead. However, we felt these deserved an honorary place on our cuddly dogs list as they’re an affectionate dog that looks like a teddy bear!

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Labrador puppy9. Labrador

Labs are a great choice for a cuddly dog. They have a lovely temperament and are known for being very friendly. So it’s pretty easy to see why this dog breed has topped the most popular list many times.

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Pug10. Pug

Who doesn’t want a wrinkly teddy bear dog? The Pug is known for its expressive face and for being packed with personality. This little lapdog makes a great choice for those looking for a dog to cuddle. 

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Cocker Spaniels11. Cocker Spaniel

This lovely dog breed is a great choice for first time owners as they tend to be pretty easy to train. Add that on to the fact that they’re easy-going, friendly and adorable and it’s a winning combination!

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Labradoodle puppy12. Labradoodle

Ok, so this is another one that technically shouldn’t have made the list. But can you blame us? The adorable Labradoodle is a mixed breed and provides a great choice for Labrador lovers that are allergy sufferers!

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German Shepherd13. German Shepherd

Loyal, loving and lively; three words that absolutely describe this stunning dog breed. They’re an intelligent dog that makes a great pet, but be warned, they can be a handful. This is why they’re often recommended for confident or experienced dog owners. 

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Pomeranian14. Pomeranian

This little ball of fluff couldn’t not make the list of most cuddly dogs. But even aside from their teddy bear dog look, there are plenty of reasons why they’ve made our ultimate cuddly dog list. They’re positive, kind and affectionate when socialised properly. 

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Bichon Frise puppy15. Bichon Frise

Soft white curls against dark puppy dog eyes are enough to steal anybody’s heart. But they’ve made the list for more than just their adorable appearance. This cheerful pooch loves to be loved and would adore you bestowing all your attention on them. 

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Newfoundland16. Newfoundland

Moving on from little cuddly dogs to large ones. The Newfoundland dog breed is renowned for being a large teddy dog bear. They’re a gentle giant who would gladly spend their time being cuddled by their family. 

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Boxer puppy17. Boxer

Distinctive looks, protective nature and a sense of humour. All things that you’ll get from a lovely Boxer dog. Originally bred as hunting dogs, they now enjoy a much more laidback lifestyle as household pets. 

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Australian Shepherd dogs18. Australian Shepherds

This dog breed is known for bonding deeply and quickly to their owners. They’re the perfect mixture of active, energetic dog and cuddler. You might even find that they are the one asking you for the cuddles!

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Miniature Dachshund19. Miniature Dachshund

Are you ready for another well-loved little cuddly dog? It’s easy to see why Miniature Dachshunds are so beloved in the UK. From their adorable little legs to how much they love being part of a family. 

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Papillon20. Papillon

Although they’re last on our list, they’re certainly not the least! What they lack in size they make up for with a huge love of snuggling up to their favourite humans. This adorable pup is without a doubt one of the cuddliest dog breeds around. 

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Were you surprised by the list?

Truth be told, our list could have been 50 dog breeds long and we’d have still had more to add. We’ve done our best to account for the teddy bear dog breeds and the cuddle lovers, but let us know if you think we’ve missed out an obvious choice. 

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